Breathe Travel Design Service List

We are a small boutique company that has been looking after properties, their owners and guests in Catalonia for over 10 years.

We offer a comprehensive, transparent service at a competitive price.


We take pride in making sure that all guests visiting your home have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience, and leave hoping to return again.



In Season 


  • Checked and confirmed content inventories.

  • Maintenance upkeep.

  • Key holding.

  • Check in/out.

  • Welcome packs: Locally sourced produce for guest welcome packs. These packs make all the difference! We link the seasonal welcome packs to exciting local farmers, bodegas, markets, vinyards and artisan producers. Along with the unique contents of the packs we also provide excursion options for the guests, so they can visit the supplier directly.

  • Pool and garden maintenance.

  • Concierge service for your guests during their time in the City. We will organise trips, tours, language lessons and restaurant reservations.

  • 24 hour contact number, in the event your guest has a problem with anything during their time in the city.

  • Pre-arrival contact. Rental clients are always contacted prior to arrival at the property. Through experience there is a proven increase in guest satisfaction if you can get to know the guest before they arrive at the door. 

  • Larger scale pre arrival shops. Particulary favorable to large groups and families.

  • Laundry and cleaning.

  • Staging and photo shoot of your property.




Out of season 

Winter Management is designed to protect and maintain your property through the off season. However Breathe Travel Design also put a weekly focus on bringing you a new cliental during the off season period. We keep your previous guest updated on seasonal treats, wonderful escapes, retreats and festivities that they could be enjoying outside the summer months.

If you wish to try and rent the property long term through the winter months, Breathe Travel design can be a point of contuinual contact throughout this extended rental period. Alternatively, if you wish to close down the property for this season, we will ensure everything is taken care of.

  • Post Collection.

  • House inspections.

  • Cleaning and garden maintenance.

  • Revision of appliances.

  • Organising yearly service of AC/ Fire extinguishers etc.

  • Promotion of property and region.​